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    Game Speed & Separation WEB 

    Tony Villani created this model after working with many of the fastest timed 40-yard dash athletes at the NFL Combine and how these same athletes, or others, developed into the top NFL players in the world. SPEED IS IMPORTANT, and with the SHREDmill, it is easy and time efficient. This Game Speed and Separation Web Manual is the WHAT NOW AND WHAT’S NEXT after and WHILE speed is being developed. It will help not only create speed, but more importantly GAME SPEED. But with this increased SPEED needs to come adequate agility and change of direction training to not only counterbalance the speed gains, but to make better athletes. Sports are a game of getting an advantage over an opponent, and while speed can help get that advantage, GAME SPEED and SEPARATION can create this same advantage immediately.

    Why Use The WEB

    •Start at Max Velocity
    •Make sure to learn to acceleration rapidly
    •Emphasize TWO ounces of Agility for ONE ounce of Speed
    •End with GAME SPEED/SEPARATION Sports Specific Drills
    •As age/level increases movement becomes more important
    •This is the “What NOW!”

    Scientific Research

    Relationship Between Non-curved, Nonmotorized, Resistance Treadmill Sprinting and Ground Speeds in American Football Players

    Conclusions: Moderate inclines at higher resistance settings relate to 9.14 m (10 yd) grounded sprints. Data also displayed steeper incline at lower resistance settings relate to grounded sprints through 27.43 m (30 yd).

    2019 Journal of Exercise and Nutrition

    The WEB | Who & Influencers 

    Travis Kelce CLASSIC Game Speed

    First Level Plus Two Additional Levels for FREE!!!

    After much thought and talking to some great coaches, what we want to do is offer the first level of the Game Speed and Separation Curriculum for $99 with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!  Additionally, after paying $99 and Tony receiving some additional feedback from everyone, you will receive Levels 2 and 3 of the Web for FREE!!!

    Pay $99 here now and we will send you your videos.

    With Level 1 you will receive:

    1) A 28-page Game Speed and Separation Manual outlining all the videos that will come with a 10 Level System that has already been created.  You will also have an in-depth description of each Web Section.

    2) The 10 Speed and Agility Commandments along with sample videos from the curriculum pertaining to each Commandment.  It is a total of 20 Videos.

    3) Pro Athlete explanations of The Curriculum.  This is over 35 minutes from WR Anquan Boldin, DB Kareem Jackson, RB, Mark Ingram, and DE Carl Lawson.

    As mentioned above, after you watch this, if you want your money back, we will refund it.  If not, we will release Level 2 and Level 3 to you guys for FREE!  We are doing this because we appreciate you guys being early on this and we want instant and constant feedback.  More on the content of these levels with some sample videos coming next Friday.

    We want to learn from you guys as much as possible before releasing this curriculum to the masses before the first of the year.  We plan to release fast enough to keep you interested yet slow enough not to overwhelm you.  We will be doing Zoom calls with coaches to answer questions as you guys look at new content over the next 90 to 120 days.

    We hope you are excited as we are!!!!  It has taken us a long time.