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Game Speed & Separation WEB 

Tony Villani created this model after working with many of the fastest timed 40-yard dash athletes at the NFL Combine and how these same athletes, or others, developed into the top NFL players in the world. SPEED IS IMPORTANT, and with the SHREDmill, it is easy and time efficient. This Game Speed and Separation Web Manual is the WHAT NOW AND WHAT’S NEXT after and WHILE speed is being developed. It will help not only create speed, but more importantly GAME SPEED. But with this increased SPEED needs to come adequate agility and change of direction training to not only counterbalance the speed gains, but to make better athletes. Sports are a game of getting an advantage over an opponent, and while speed can help get that advantage, GAME SPEED and SEPARATION can create this same advantage immediately.

Why Use The WEB

•Start at Max Velocity
•Make sure to learn to acceleration rapidly
•Emphasize TWO ounces of Agility for ONE ounce of Speed
•End with GAME SPEED/SEPARATION Sports Specific Drills
•As age/level increases movement becomes more important
•This is the “What NOW!”

Click Below to Learn:
-Who Influenced the Web – From athletes like Anquan Boldin, Darrelle Revis, Travis Kelce and MANY more!
-Also hear in depth videos of the What, When, Where, and How the Web is utilized.
-Free Video of an introduction to training speed in gears and transferring that to 40 yard dash speed.
-Free Video of an introduction to BPS, WBC, FFR and the importance of learning THREE different ways to change directions in every direction.”

The WEB | Who & Influencers 

Travis Kelce CLASSIC Game Speed

For $10.00/Per Month, receive Levels 1 thru 4. Here is what you will receive:
Over 150 videos and growing.  All updates are always sent as they come.
Level 1 – 10 Speed and Agility Commandments
Level 2 – Emphasis on Acceleration and Basics of Agility.
Level 3 – Emphasis on Top Speed and Straight Ahead Footwork.
Level 4 – Game Speed, Master COD from Sprinting Position, Begin Lateral COD.
After you or your athletes finish these levels, you will understand and be able to use GAME Speed and SEPARATION.  You will learn how to use speed to win, but more importantly, use agility to set up speed.
Levels 5-9 Coming Soon!
-Now master GAME Speed and how to use controlled speed to win!
-Perfect changing direction in any instance IMMEDIATELY to create or close SEPARATION.
-Tons more footage from actual Pro Workouts and learn to master the same basic drills  as they do.
Level 10 & Monthly Video Subscription Coming Soon!
If you have any questions contact us for more information.