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Research proven training methodologies taught at our World Class Facility, with three programs to choose from: NFL Combine – Pro Training, Student Athlete Training and Adult Fitness.

Since 1999, XPE has had an unparalleled level of success. We have trained over 30 First Round Picks. We have proven over the last 2 decades that we make athletes faster & stronger. Are you our next First Round Pick?
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We have programs that work around the schedule of Students to be able to maximize results in as little as two sessions per week. We also have a monthly unlimited training package available.
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Looking to add muscle or lose fat, we have numerous programs for all fitness levels. There's a class for every fitness level with a wide selection of times to choose from daily, check our online schedule to see availability.
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Johnny Bananas Gets a Dose of NFL Combine Training


Bananas is the Host of 1st Look on NBC and this is their kickoff episode from the 2018 NFL Season.

It takes serious training and physical prowess to play in the NFL. Johnny Bananas learns just how gruelling it is at THE place where the best in the game go to help elevate their speed, agility, and techniques, XPE Sports in South Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tony Villani?
He has trained multiple athletes that have been drafted in the 1st Rounds of the NFL, MLB and NBA drafts. In 2008 he trained 3 top 15 picks (Jerod Mayo-10th) that were all projected to get drafted in the 2nd to 3rd rounds before their NFL Combine performances.
What is NFL Combine Training?
With over 55 years of NFL Combine Prep experience, the XPE staff (Tony Villani, Bill Welle, and Matt Gates) has extensive training knowledge to help prepare any incoming athlete for the rigors of the NFL Combine or their respective Pro Days. Numerous draft picks have chosen XPE as their training destination, resulting in proven improvements in all testing protocols.
Do You Train Student Atheletes?
At XPE Sports, you can truly train like a professional athlete in the same facility and with the same trainers for a fraction of the cost. Our Student Sports Training Sessions are designed for student athletes who want to have better success on the field and stay in the field by preventing injuries. Our Group Fitness Sessions are not your typical “boot camp” style sessions and rather are designed for you to burn the most calories with the same drills and exercises that professional athletes use to stay in elite shape. This type of training and facility had never been open to the public before but now it is.
What Is Adult Fitness?
We are an Elite Training Facility built for PRO's & now available to the public. We believe everyone deserves to be treated and trained like a PRO.

At XPE, you can train like an NFL Man of the Year, an UFC Hall of Famer, or an NFL All-Pro Offensive Linemen!

Our programs are built on the foundation of movement, agility, and speed. Our programs translate to all sports and benefit all athletes, regardless of age or level of skill.

Anquan Boldin

Super Bowl Champ, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, NFL Man of the Year, Multiple Pro Bowl, 7th on All-Time WR Reception List. Been XPE Client/Endorser/Mentor/Skill Coach since 2011. Personally owns a SHREDmill since 2013.

Rashad Evans

Evans started his professional career in 2003, he was the Heavyweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 2 and is also a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and a 2019 inductee of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Pouncey Brother’s

Pouncey did not train for Combine but did train for 8 Off Seasons in route to illustrious careers

Why Choose Us

We have proven success rates working with professional athletes, the methods and techniques that XPE Sports use are unique.

NFL Combine Training

We will improve your testing scores across the board - just ask one of the hundreds of NFL Draft Picks we have trained over the past two decades.

Student Athletes

Train like a professional athlete in the same facility and with the same trainers that are trusted by the best athletes in the world.

Adult Fitness

Get started today on a personalized program to get you in better shape. The same consultation and individualized workout plan created for the PROs is now available to you.

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