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XPE Sports SHREDmill

In 2011, Tony Villani invented the SHREDmill a unique speed training “treadmill” to help develop an athlete’s speed.  What made the SHREDmill so different was that:

  • It is self-powered by the athlete and uses no electricity. It also has a patented magnetic resistance system that can resistance running stride and power.
  • Athletes running form, power, and stride length/ frequency with efficiency are constantly being fed back to the athlete by a display panel showing an athlete’s speed to the tenth of a MPH.
  • Stride length, stride power, acceleration, conditioning, and form can all be trained inside with very little space needed.

The athlete success stories that have been created by using the SHREDmill are unsurpassed.  Wouldn’t it be nice to use the same equipment and get the same performance gains that pros do?  Now you can with the SHREDmill.

What is SHREDmill?


For elite speed training for all sizes of athletes
Suggested for serious facilities that do NFL Combine Training
An option for an incline component from 0 to 30% elevation
Length 94″, Width 41″, Height 75″ (at highest point)
Running surface is 70″ long and 24″ wide
Weight 550 pounds

All-Time NFL Top Speed Performers

More proof of SHREDmill on the biggest stage at the NFL Combine where only RESULTS matter

NFL Up! by NFL Network – Phillip Dorsett at NFL Combine

SHREDmill Talk – Tony Villani w/ Anquan Boldin and Mark Ingram

Relationship Between Non-curved, Nonmotorized, Resistance Treadmill Sprinting and Ground Speeds in American Football Players. Click the link to read more about it.


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SHREDmill Purchasers (they paid for their SHREDmills):

DB Kareem Jackson

  • Been with XPE from NFL Combine to EVERY Off Season
  • Was a Top Performer in 40 Yard Dash at NFL Combine
  • Went from 3rd Round Grade to Top 20 Pick in 2010
  • Started every year in NFL and HUGE Free Agent Deal in 2015
  • Ordered his SHREDmill XL in 2013

RB Mark Ingram

  • Won Heisman Trophy and National Championship at U AL.
  • First Round Pick in 2011, started training with XPE in 2013
  • Made 1st Pro Bowl in 2014 and HUGE Free Agent Deal in 2015
  • Had the longest run for the Saints in last 15 years in 2015 with a 71 yard rush.
  • Ordered his SHREDmill XL in 2013

WR Anquan Boldin

  • All Pro and Pro Bowl WR before XPE
  • Started training with XPE in 2011.  Super Bowl Champ in 2012.
  • Had back to back 1,000 yard seasons in 2013 and 2014
  • Helped design his SHREDmill in 2014

LB Jerod Mayo

  • Trained with XPE for Combine in 2008
  • Was fastest ILB at NFL Combine
  • Went from 3rd Round Grade to Top 10 Pick in 2008
  • Super Bowl Champ, All-Pro, and Pro Bowl
  • Ordered his SHREDmill in 2015 to help come back from knee injury

Blackzilians MMA Fight Team

  • One of the Top UFC Teams in the world helped develop.
  • They use the SHREDsled as part of their training for leg power and conditioning.