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Villani has generated quite a buzz in recent years for his work with some of the fastest-rising talent at the Combine. -ESPN
Improve your speed and agility and learn new drills like the NFL players do at the NFL Combine with proven training progressions.

QUALITY of results over QUANTITY of athletes – Training a lot of athletes and having a few good results is easy, we strive and accomplish for 100% satisfaction and limit the amount of athletes.

Men lie, women lie, NUMBERS DON’T! – We are proud to simply market OFFICIAL RESULTS of how our athletes perform at The NFL Combine, and not Pro Days. Pro Days are for position drills ONLY, not for bragging about improving your 40 after Indy.

XPE's Villani Program has achieved the following results:

  • Fastest player EVER at NFL Combine - Jacoby Ford in 2010 with 4.22-4.28 40 Yard Dash
  • Quickest player EVER at NFL Combine - Jason Allen in 2006 with 3.81 Short Shuttle
  • Most Exposive player EVER at NFL Combine - Gerald Sensabaugh in 2005 with 46" Vertical Jump
To date, he has trained more than 90 World Champions or 1st Round picks.

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About Tony Villani

Tony has trained well over 200 professional athletes in sports including but not limited to: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball and fitness. He has been featured on ABC, ESPN, NFL Films, SKY Network (European Fox), Raycom Sports, Comcast Sports South, CBS-Atlanta, and WPDE-Myrtle Beach and in USA Today, NFL Insider, USA Today Sports, The Sporting News, ESPN.com, CBS Sportsline.com, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Palm Beach Post, The Boca News, The Sun News, SCORE Atlanta, Atlanta Sports and Fitness, and the Princeton Review. His ability to train athletes to reach their fullest potential is unparalleled.

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